Olympus OM2P Black Body Only (Data Back)

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操作狀態 Operation Condition : Fully Working

觀景窗有少許塵但不影響拍攝 Viewfinder little dusty but not affect shooting outcome


拍攝效果 Sample Photos: 




Three Months Warranty

Includes 1*Free Film Processing Service


System: OLYMPUS OM System.
Camera type: 35mm Single Lens Reflex with automatic exposure control, electronic focal plane shutter .
Film format: 24mm x 36mm.
Lens mount: OLYMPUS OM Mount, bayonet type; rotation angle 70°, flange back 46mm. Close to 40 + Zuiko interchangeable lenses.
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, automatic exposure control from about 60 seconds to 1/1,000 second (ASA 100, F1.2,at normal temperature and humidity). Manual exposure: B, 1 - 1/1,000 sec., ring mounted control.
Synchro: FP, X switch type contact, incorrect flash prevention.
Automatic exposure control: Aperture preferred automatic exposure control electronic shutter type. TTL Direct Light Measuring System, center-weighted for bright, and averaging for dark conditions. Measuring range: ASA 100 from F1.2, about 60 seconds to F16, 1/1,000 second. (about EV 5.5 - EV 18) (at normal temperature and humidity).
Light sensors: 2 SBC sensors for actual exposure and 2 Cds for metering information in auto and manual mode.

For more details of the specifications, may refer: https://www.cameramanuals.org/olympus_pdf/olympus_om2_spot_progam.pdf


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