Nikon FE2 + AF Nikkor 50/1.8D Lens

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Type of camera: Electronically controlled 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) focal plane shutter camera
Usable film: Any cartridge-type 35mm film
Picture format: 24mmx36mm
Lens Mount: Nikon bayonet mount; meter coupling lever provided; meter coupling lever release button not provided
Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical-travel, metal-focal-plane shutter with titanium curtains
Shutter speeds -
On Auto: stepless speeds from 8 to 1/4000sec.
On Manual: 16 quartz-controlled speeds from 8 to 1/4000sec.
On Mechanical: M250 (1/250sec.); B for long exposure
Viewfinder: Fixed eyelevel pentaprism type, 0.86X magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity, 93% frame coverage
Focusing screen: Interchangeable matte/Fresnel focusing screen with central split-image rangefinder spot and microprism collar (Nikon Type K2) as standard; two other types of screens available optionally (Type B2 and E2)
Viewfinder display: Shutter speed scale, ADR aperture f-number in use, exposure compensation mark, meter needle (black), shutter speed/exposure mode indication needle (green), outside-exposure-range warning mark.
Reflex mirror: Automatic instant-return mirror
Automatic Maximum Aperture Indexing (AI): Provided
Exposure metering: Through-the-lens (TTL) center-weighted full aperture exposure measuring system using a pair of SPD's (silicon photodiode)
Metering range: EV1 to EV18 (f/1.4 at lsec. to f/8 at 1/4000sec. with 50mm f/1.4 lens at ASA/ISO 100)
Photo diode: Three SPD's for metering, TTL automatic flash output control
Film speed range: ASA/ISO 12 to 4000

Operation Condition (操作狀態):

Fully Working


No Scratch, No Haze, No Fungus

Appearance Condition(外觀狀態):

As Photo, 實物拍攝如圖
Viewfinder little dusty but not affect shooting outcome

Sample Photos (相片參考):

Nikon - Fe2無標題無標題nikon FE2

*Actual Result varies based on lighting and film

What's Included(售後附送):

One Month Warranty (一個月保養)
One Free Film Processing Service(一次免費沖掃)

DELIVERY / PICK UP(郵寄/門市自取):