Canon A1 Black + FD 50/1.4 Lens

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The A-1 is a historically significant camera. It was the first SLR to offer an electronically controlled programmed autoexposure mode. While the Minolta XD came out in 1977 with electronic control exposure modes, specifically Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Full Manual modes, as well as an "off the modev dial" full program exposure mode. The Canon offered and heavily marketed an on dial "Program" mode. Instead of the photographer picking a shutter speed to freeze or blur motion and choosing a lens aperture f-stop to control depth of field (focus), the photographer relied on the A-1's microprocessor to automatically select a compromise exposure based on light meter input. Virtually all cameras today have at least one program mode.

Operation Condition (操作狀態):

Fully Working

Lens Condition(鏡頭狀態):

No Scratch, No Haze, No Fungus

Appearance Condition(外觀狀態):

Viewfinder little dusty but not affect shooting outcome
As Photo, 實物拍攝如圖

Sample Photos (相片參考):

Sao PauloCanon A1000018Agfa400-06-3A(1)

What's Included(售後附送):

One Month Warranty (一個月保養)
One Free Film Processing Service(一次免費沖掃)

DELIVERY / PICK UP(郵寄/門市自取):

Pick up at Mongkok store (please expect 1-2working days for processing)
Pick up at Causeway Bay store (please expect 3-5working days for processing)
Ship via SF express (order will dispatch within 1-2working days